Use Case: Revenue growth and Bookings increment for Cosmetic Dentistry

Client Background

A Dental Clinic specializing in cosmetic dentistry operating in Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth aimed to grow its financial performance, more specifically, revenue generation and bookings. They were facing challenges in hiring and expanding their recurring revenue, and in order to boost their revenue, they needed to scale and hire more talents through digital marketing; it collaborated with G’Day Broadcast for its marketing strategies and execution.

Cosmetic Dentistry Revenue Growth_gdaybroadcast


After a deep assessment of the clinic’s current marketing approach, it was revealed that more visibility online was needed, and digital change needed to be utilized more effectively for lead generation. Their website was not well-tailored for cosmetic dentistry services. The clinic’s loyal client base showed an opportunity to bring repeat business.


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Google Ads
  • Meta Ads


  • Grow revenue streams by using well-targeted, effective strategies.
  • Increasing the number of bookings: effectively catching the attention of new potential clients and re-engaging with present clients.
  • It is boosting the online presence of its three key locations.

Solutions and Implementations

1. Website revamp and Campaign optimizations: G’day broadcast revamped the clinic’s website, specifically tailored for cosmetic dentistry services, and customized different landing pages for each city, optimized for capturing local market nuances and consumer behavior. All landing pages were tailored to align with the unique requisites of campaigns targeting demographics across Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth.

  1. Diversified Approach:

Meta Ads:

  • A $200 allocation was made for Meta ads to increase brand awareness, generate new interests, and revitalize present clients.

Google Ads:

  • An additional allocation of $200 was made for running Google Ads to run Lead generation and Retargeting campaigns. This effort was made to bring in new clients, prospects who interacted previously with the website and ads, and old clients who already take services from the clinic to bring repeat business.

Results achieved:

  • Revenue growth: The revenue grew by 30% within the first quarter post-campaigns, compared to the prior revenue baseline.
  • Increased Bookings: The clinic experienced a 30% surge in bookings, translating to around additional appointments in the initial quarter, far outperforming the clinic’s initial projections.
  • Retargeting: Retargeting efforts brought a 20% conversion from former website visitors who still needed to book and sparked a 25% increase in re-engagements from existing clients.
  • Online Presence Growth: A 40% rise in website traffic following the optimized landing pages and targeted ads significantly enlarged the clinic’s digital footprint and bolstered engagement within its operating cities.

G’Day Broadcast’s targeted dental marketing strategy successfully drove impressive revenue and booking enhancements for the cosmetic dentistry clinic.

Key Results:

Revenue growth
by 30%
Surge in booking
Conversions from
former website
visitors- 20%
from existing
clients- 25%
40% increase
in website traffic

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