Use Case: Enhancing Lead Generation and Sales Conversion for an Australian EdTech Startup

Client Overview

Our client, an established EdTech startup from Australia, five years into operation, recognized for delivering cutting-edge educational technology platforms, were facing issues in their outbound marketing, inbound lead conversion and sales cycle.They have a strong product portfolio, but few unidentified factors in marketing funnel hindered their growth.

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The client was facing couple of hiccups in demand gen process:

  • The outbound marketing and lead gene­ration were underachieving due to missing strate­gic integrated approach.
  • Inbound lead conversions were­ also low, with only 10% converting into clients—this is one third the usual industry rate­.
  • On top of this, due to the lack of BANT(Budget, Authority, Need, Timeline) qualification process, their sales cycle was taking too long. The­ routine cycle spanned up to 60 days, longer than expected.

Solution: Data-driven, integrated Marketing and Sales Enablement

  1. Integrated Marketing Strategy (Paid + Organic):
    • Retargeting Campaign Implementation: Intensified multi-channel retargeting across industry-specific platforms, leading to a 30% uptick in qualified leads.
    • SEO and Content Strategy Optimization: By revamping SEO and content strategy, the startup saw a 40% increase in organic traffic within six months and a 25% growth in inbound leads per quarter.
  2. Enhanced Sales Enablement:
    • Personalized Lead Nurturing: Implemented a lead nurturing program that increased the conversion rate of inbound leads to 25%, doubling the previous rate.
    • Sales Process Streamlining: With refined sales processes, including training and new CRM tools, the sales cycle was reduced to an average of 30-45 days, a 33% reduction.


The integrated approach to marketing and sales enablement brought about noteworthy performance enhancements:

  • Increased lead generation:by 60% with the addition of retargeting campaigns, revamping the website and improvised SEO friendly content strategy.
  • Enhanced Conversion Rates: Increment in conversion rates from 10% to 25%-30%.
  • Sales Cycle Efficiency: A reduction in the sales cycle from 60 days to 30-45 days increased the turnover rate of deals closed.
  • Business Expansion: As an outcome of all the implemented strategies, the sales increased by 40%,showing a solid return on the new strategy investments and substantial market growth.

Key Results:

Increased lead conversion rate from
10% to 25-30%
Reduction in sales cycle from
60 days to 30-45 days
Increment in sales by 40%

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