Increasing Inbound Leads for Solar Business Through Integrated SEO and Ads Optimization

Lead Generation for Solar Companies_G'Day Broadcast

Client Background

The client, an entrepreneur, launched a solar business with a vision to power homes and businesses sustainably. Even with full dedication and a clear ne­ed for renewable­ power, his online sales campaigns we­ren’t hitting the mark. Especially with Google­ Ads, the money spent wasn’t bringing in satisfactory ROI. Moreover, the company’s website­ wasn’t showing up in web search results. The­ir mission wasn’t getting to likely supporters or clie­nts. Lots of solar businesse­s face this block. It highlights why it’s so important to get really good with digital marketing to grow in a world that’s all very tech-driven.

Campaign Summary

G’Day Broadcast came up with a complete­ digital marketing plan for the client. They used advance­d SEO strategy and optimized Google Ads for better returns for the business. This helped to boost the clie­nt’s online visibility and ways of generating le­ads.


Google Ads

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Content Marketing

Reputation Management


The tailored objectives included refining Google Ads to not only become more cost-effective but to simultaneously elevate the quality and relevancy of lead generation. The aspiration was to transform the website into a hub for organic traffic by bolstering Search Engine Results Page (SERP) positions, aiming for a measurable growth in user visits. Additionally, the intent was to enhance overall user interaction with the site, creating a seamless and informative browsing experience that would encourage longer sessions and deeper engagement with content.


Detailed observations were noted with regard to initial baseline metrics, including website traffic, Google Ads performance, lead quality and volume, and user engagement rates.

Strategy and Execution

We comprehensively revised on-page SEO, targeting keyword optimization to enhance search visibility and drive relevant traffic. This involved identifying and incorporating high-value, industry-specific terms across web pages.

Technical SEO: Improvements in technical SEO focused on boosting website responsiveness and mobile compatibility. Efforts included optimizing the site’s structure for faster loading times and adopting SSL for enhanced security.

GA4 Integration: To refine our marketing approaches, we configured Google Analytics 4 (GA4) for detailed tracking of user behaviors and interaction patterns, informing our content and UX strategies.

Web & Organic SEO: Our targeted content strategy aimed at engaging audiences with relevant solar energy topics, establishing our brand as a reputable source and improving organic traffic and SEO rankings.

Reputation Management: We streamlined the collection and display of customer reviews to bolster our online credibility and positively influence purchase decisions, improving local SEO.

Image SEO: Optimizing images for quick loading and search visibility was a priority. This included reducing file sizes, adding descriptive alt texts, and proper tagging.

Website Navigation: A significant redesign of the website’s navigation aimed to enhance user experience, manifested through intuitive menu structures and content organization, ultimately reducing bounce rates and improving conversion potential.

These strategic enhancements collectively aimed to solidify the solar company’s digital presence, focusing on user-centric improvements and streamlined processes to boost engagement and lead generation.


Google Ads Transformation: Tweaks to Google Ads led to a leap from a 15% lead relevancy to a significant 35%, enabling a surge in conversion rates by 25% due to refined targeting strategies.

Inbound Lead Explosion: Refined SEO strategies pushed inbound leads from a floundering 10% to an impressive 50% within a mere five months, illustrating the potent impact of a honed keyword approach and content relevance.

Organic Traffic Growth: A diligent SEO overhaul saw organic traffic swell from an initial 20% to 50%, attributable to higher SERP positions and an influx of quality content.

Strengthened User Engagement: Website user engagement soared from an underwhelming average session length of 1 minute to 3 minutes, a 200% enhancement, following the introduction of clear-cut navigational pathways and compelling content.

Key Results

Lead Quality:
Google Ads
surged lead relevancy
by 20%, translating into
more meaningful,
actionable inquiries.
Lead Volume:
A 40-percentage-point
climb in inbound leads,
validating the ripened
SEO and content
marketing efforts.
Organic Visibility:
Organic search traffic hurdled
up by 30 percentage points,
a testament to the
efficacy of SEO
User Experience:
The user engagement
strategy fortified site
interaction, leading to
sessions that were
twice as long as before.

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