Use Case: Sales growth and Reducing Cart Abandonment for an E-Commerce Sneaker Store


Client Overview

E-commerce platform selling a diverse range of sneakers.
Having the best product line-ups and user-friendly e-commerce platform also, they were sometimes facing high cart abandonment rate and not able to achieve the expected sales target. These scenarios made their growth and profitability slow. They needed to identify the factors that caused higher cart abandonments and find a solution to reach the sales target. They collaborated with G’Day broadcast to address these issues and drive the e-commerce store toward its success.

Asian entrepreneur teenager is carrying baby shoes and put in a cardboard box customer to deliver the product at home.


  • Minimize cart abandonment rates to enhance the conversion funnel efficiency.
  • Achieve the expected sales targets by improving online visibility and traffic.
  • Enhance customer engagement to foster loyalty and encourage repeat purchases.


G’Day Broadcast observed that some areas needed optimization for better performance which were complicated checkout process, unclear shipping cost information and ineffective retargeting methods.

It was also observed that initial marketing strategies were not data driven for personal recommendations or retargeting campaigns.


  • Website
  • Emails
  • Social Media
  • Paid Media – Google Ads

Strategy and Execution

1. Checkout Process Optimization:

G’Day Broadcast simplified the checkout process, along with transparently displaying shipping costs earlier in the shopping journey to prevent last-minute cart abandonments.

2. Targeted Remarketing Campaigns:
Email Marketing:
  • Created a syste­matized strategy for email marke­ting to increase the open rates and CTR, using quality content & audience segmentation to send tailore­d cart abandonment emails.
Google and Social Media Retargeting:
  • With an allocated budget of $200, retargeting ads were run on Google and social media platforms, targeting users who abandoned their carts to create a remembrance.

Results Achieved

  • Reduction in Cart Abandonment: The optimized checkout process, alongside proactive communication on shipping fees, effectively reduced cart abandonment by 40% within the first two months, contributing to a smoother conversion path.
  • Sales Target Achievement: Through refined targeting and retargeting strategies, the e-commerce store witnessed a 25% increase in sales, surpassing the anticipated targets. This result manifested as a substantial uptick in both new customer acquisitions and repeat purchases.
  • Increased Customer Engagement: The personalized email marketing and retargeting campaigns significantly improved customer engagement, as evidenced by increase in email open rate from 8% to 25-30% & 20% rise in click-through rates on retargeting ads.
  • Boost in Online Traffic and Visibility: The strategic ad placements and engaging social media campaigns increased website traffic by 30%, enhancing the store’s online visibility and attracting a broader audience.

G’Day Broadcast’s tactical digital solutions addressed the sneaker Ecommerce store’s critical challenges head-on by decreasing cart abandonment and significantly improving sales figures. The success story underlines the importance of a customer-centric approach and the effective use of digital marketing tools to overcome sales hurdles. Through strategic optimizations and targeted campaigns, the store not only met but exceeded its sales expectations, setting a robust foundation for sustained growth and market presence.

Key results:

Reduced cart abandonment by 40%25% increase in sales because of conversions from cart abandonmentEmail open rate from 8% to 25-30% & 20% rise in CTR30% rise in website traffic

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