Strategizing Outbound Marketing for Edtech Business

Client Overview:

Client Edtech is a tech startup in the educational technology sector.

They wanted to optimize their marketing strategies to get more leads and boost its return on investment. They were dealing with often challenging tasks like getting desired conversions even after allocating a significant budget for advertisement.

They approached G’Day Broadcast to collaborate and get help optimizing their marketing approach.

Challenges Faced:

Before joining hands with G’Day broadcast, Client Edtech was making efforts in outbound marketing, which later turned out to be an inefficient approach.

They had an annual budget of $100,000, but the campaign plan needed to be able to maximize the returns and convert leads.

Further, their previous Pay Per Click plan didn’t work out great for the generation of quality leads, raising doubts about the channel’s effectiveness.

Solutions G’Day Broadcast came up with:

Optimized a marketing strategy that had a blend of campaigns to maximize the results for the client:

1. Lead-Gen Campaign:

This campaign was allocated $50,000 from the total budget, and efforts made in this campaign where to get well-targeted traffic and ensure getting quality leads.

2. Campaign for Awareness:

This campaign was devised to get more Business visibility and reach among the audience which later on helped in getting data about the ideal audience. This campaign helped in building business awareness and recognition. The allocated budget for this campaign was $20,000

3. Targeting campaigns:

Through this campaign, G’Day Broadcast used demographics and interest behaviors to maximize the conversion rates as this kind of targeting approach makes sure to show ads only to those who have a high chance of getting a target. For this precision targeting campaign, $20,000 was allocated.

4. Retargeting Campaign:

This campaign was set to retarget the past audience who have already interacted with the business through clicking on ads, visiting websites, or signing up. This campaign helps in improving engagement and giving high conversion rates. The budget allocated to this campaign was $10,000.

Outcome received:

By optimizing the marketing campaign of the Business, G’Day Broadcast was able to help bring them significant results.

  • Reduction of overspending 25% ad budget was achieved, which helped in cost spending and improved budget allocation.
  • The optimized campaign achieved a 40% increment in ROI; this also helped in getting revenue that was higher than the expected target and also boosted the business growth.


Our collaboration with Client Edtech spotlights the high-performing efficiency of well-planned digital marketing strategies. By taking advantage of data-driven, targeted strategies, we optimized their outbound marketing approach, which provided them with quality leads for conversion, better ROI, and Cost Saving,

Their business has established themselves as a strong market leader in the tech industry.

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